November 18, 2016
Justin Bieber: 'All That Matters' Great Wall Of China Music Video Leaks

A video of Justin Bieber dancing and lip-syncing to his latest single "All That Matters" at the Great Wall of China has leaked online.

The video was posted by multiple Bieber fan sites as well as World Star Hip Hop's website who are actively promoting it as a "premiere."

As yet the video hasn't been posted at the 19-year-old's official website or any of his social media accounts, and earlier this morning Justin's longstanding friend and videographer Alfredo Flores took to Twitter, explaining,

"I hate leaks. You work so hard on something and then people see it at 70% opposed to 100 like intended," he wrote.

From the look of the "All That Matters" clip, it was shot the same day (Sep. 30) Bieber visited the ancient landmark with a group of pals during the Asia leg of his Believe tour. The singer famously received a two-bodyguard lift up steps while at the Wall.

Roundly criticized at the time by some of his fans and most commentators for what was seen as a "Diva" moment --- although it was likely just a lark or possibly a cut scene in this video --- no doubt the blogosphere will erupt in fresh kvetching about appropriate behavior around "culture."

In the guerrilla-style clip, Bieber's dance moves depart from choreography seen in visuals for his past hits.

The Canadian is seen showcasing hip-hop steps at various locations at the Great Wall.

At one point, the teen star cuddles a young baby while the mother looks on. At another, Justin is seen in a cable-car crossing a spectacular vista below.

Naturally, the "All That Matters" clip has hit YouTube but the song has been removed.

Justin Bieber Dances With A Baby At The Great Wall Of China Meanwhile, since its premiere on Monday, Bieber's bluesy, guitar-drenched love song --- released as part of his 10-week "Music Mondays" drive --- now tops over 50 iTunes charts around the world including the US, giving the singer a second number one with his Journals set.

As for the leaked video, unfortunately for artists it's always risky placing anything online as once it leaks there's no un-leaking it. We suspect the footage may also be intended for the singer's movie documentary, Believe. If so, it offers an unique perspective.

Justin Bieber At The Great Wall Of ChinaIt's not every day you get to see a pop culture teen icon back-dropped against continuing history and a landscape classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages.

Worlds collide, indeed.

Listen to the full audio for Bieber's slow-burner "All That Matters" below.