Sandra Oh Ready To Leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Hopes Her Character Doesn’t Die

Sandra Oh Ready To Leave 'Grey's Anatomy,' Hopes Her Character Doesn't Die

Sandra Oh said she knew it was time to leave Dr. Christina Yang behind, but hopes the long-running character won’t die in the end.

For the past 10 seasons Oh has played the cardiothoracic surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy, but has announced that this season will be her last.

Sandra said that after 200 episodes, there just wasn’t anything more she could do with Dr. Yang.

“I felt like all the avenues that a character that could possibly be explored,” she told Katie Couric, “I feel like we have done that.”

It wasn’t a haphazard decision. Sandra Oh said she started thinking about her exit from the medical drama when the show started to renegotiate contracts.

“[I thought] If the show is going to come to an end, I need to start thinking about letting it go,” she said.

Grey’s Anatomy has a tendency to give characters big, and sometimes tragic sendoffs. When T.R. Knight left the show, his character George O’Malley was hit by a bus and killed.

Sandra Oh said she hopes the same thing doesn’t happen to her.

“Of course. I would very much like her to live,” she said. “You know, the show’s going to continue and go on and have its own life, and eventually it will have to come to a close. I’d love to come back!”

Sandra said she is looking forward to some new projects, including movies and theater, but said it will be hard to leave behind her friends on the show.

“It makes my heart full and heavy at the same time,” said Sandra. “[There are] so many long-term relationships that I have there. I will be really, really sad.”

As for what could happen to Dr. Yang, Sandra Oh said there’s still a lot of season to go.