Jealous Husband Chops Off His Own Penis [Report]

A jealous husband in the Philippines reportedly cut off his own penis after arguing with his wife over her alleged infidelity.

The man, 46, who is apparently a carpenter, first tried to do the deed with a knife, but then switched over to a razor blade. He nearly bled to death, but was rushed to the hospital in time to save his life. The incident occurred in Mandaue City in Cebu province. He supposedly did this to “spite” his allegedly cheating wife, but that seems like an unusual and counter-intuitive explanation for such drastic action. The incident occurred around noon on Sunday.

The website reports that “[The man] is now out of danger, but minus his penis which neighbors searched for in vain. No one knew where he threw it after slicing it off with a blade. Actually, he told them, he had tried using a knife to do the trick, but it was taking too long, so he resorted to the much sharper razor blade.”

According to one local official, “His organ is gone and no one knows where he threw it because they could not ask him right away when they rushed to his side, as he had collapsed from loss of blood.”

This is hardly the only recent incident of self-mutilation of male genitalia, unfortunately, as The Inquisitr has previously chronicled. For example, In August, a Chinese man had such a heated argument with his wife that he decided the only way to end their dispute was to cut off one of his testicles. In September, a wedding in England was delayed after a man who had reportedly cut off his own testicles stormed into a church under an hour before it was set to start. In another instance, an Australian man inserted a fork into his own penis.

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