Kate Middleton And Prince William To Announce Prince George’s Godparents

Kate Middleton and Prince William To choose godparents for Prince George.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are almost ready to announce who Prince George’s godparents will be ahead of his Christening on October 23.

Breaking with tradition, which has become expected of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they are not selected titled or royals for the important role, but close friends.

Most of the godparents are rumored to be commoners, old classmates and roommates who have been with the Prince and Kate for many years and are implicitly trusted.

The couple is choosing carefully and want to pick people that will have a big influence on their son’s life.

One of the names floating around according to the British publication Daily Mail, is that of 31-year-old Fergus Boyd who is one of William’s college buddies and shared a residence hall with him and Kate during their first year at Eaton.

Another friend that will reportedly be honored with the title of godparent to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son is Hugh Van Cutsem, 39, who’s daughter Grace, 5, is William’s goddaughter and was a flower girl at the couple’s wedding.

She is the cute little girl who plucked her ears and made a funny face when the newlyweds replied to the request of the crowd and kissed on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

On the ladies side we have Emilia d’Erlanger, 30, who attended Marlborough College with Kate. She is also Will’s old friend and the one who introduced Kate to his circle of friends when they started dating.

She is an interior designer and has helped Kate Middleton and William remodel their new home at Kensington Palace.

According to E! News a press rep for the couple said the October 23 Christening will be an intimate, private family event.

These are the names of the people selected so far according to reports, the rest are being carefully considered. No word on whether Kate Middleton and her husband are planing to ask his brother, Prince Harry and her sister Pippa to take on the role of godparents to Prince George.