2009 NFL draft two years out: Seattle Seahawks

Even though the Seattle Seahawks made the 2010 NFL playoffs, it is pretty hard to determine if the 2009 draft helped get them on teh right track. There has been a regime change on this team, and they were just 7-9 in the NFL regular season. Many called Aaron Curry the most draft ready player of the 2009 class, but he slipped to the fourth.

Before we get into all of that let us take a look at the relevant picks made by the Seahawks in 2009:

1.Round One (4)- LB Aaron Curry
2.Round Two (49)- C Max Unger
3.Round Three (91)- WR Deon Butler
4.Round Six (178)- QB Mike Teel
5.Round Seven (245)- DB Courtney Green
6.Round Seven (247)- DE Nick Reed
7.Round Seven (248)- TE Cameron Morrah

Now Curry averages right around 60 tackles a year, with two sacks, and a forced fumble. Hard to call that nothing, but I think the expectations were far higher. Personally I think Curry has done a fine job. Evaluating offensive lineman is hard so Max Unger is a tough grade. He started 16 games his rookie year, but only one in 2010 due to injury. The team still seems to be high on him, and he may return to be their starting center. WR Deon Butler contributes to this team and for the 27th pick in the third round that is about all we expect out of him.

Last year I was pretty down on this draft class, but it is improving over time. I called it at the bottom of the C range grade wise, and I am willing to move that up to the middle of the top of the C range now. If Unger comes back and contributes and Curry and Butler continue to do what they have done this is a pretty solid draft class. It may have not been a home run, but three solid players from one draft is still very good.

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