Has recent QB draft success made it easier for the 2011 draft class?

We can all make our own list of first round QB busts. Guys like Ryan Leaf, and Jamarcus Russell have scared a lot of teams and fans about the possibilities of drafting a QB high in the first round. However, if we took a narrower view, say the last five years or so then drafting a QB in the first round makes all the sense in the world. Since 2008 seven QB’s have been taken in the first round, and those seven are changing the way some teams look at drafting a QB with a high draft pick.

In those seven we have Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow. Three of those led their teams to the playoffs in 2010, two more play for young teams that are still rebuilding, and the last two (Stafford and Tebow) the jury is still out on. Even if they end up being busts the risk lately has been well worth it.

Now we enter the 2011 NFL draft with what looks to be a promising number of young QB’s up for grabs and up to eight or so teams needing a better option at the QB position. In some ways this looks like he could line up to be 1983 all over again with a number of QB’s being drafted and possibly going on to brilliant NFL careers.

There are three or four QB’s that could go in the first round, or teams could back way off and chose to build up their teams in a different way. These kinds of questions are what makes the NFL draft must see TV.

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