Adam Wainwright may miss all of the 2011 season

This is very, very bad for both the St. Louis Cardinals and Starting Pitcher Adam Wainwright. It looks like Wainwright needs Tommy John surgery, and as we all know that means he will be on the disabled list for quite some time should the surgery be absolutely necessary. Wainwirght is currently seeking a second opinion on his injured elbow. However should he need the surgery he will be out for at least a full year if not a full year and a half.

That is worse news for Wainwirght who could lose up to 21 million dollars. By finishing among the top five vote getters for the National League Cy Young Award Adam’s contract kicked in options for 2012 and 2013. The one caveat being if Adam ended the 20111 season on the DL the team could veto those options. Not a great day for Adam you need surgery, and you may be out 21 million bucks.

Things are equally as bad for his team. Watching ESPN today I saw several graphs of how losing Adam decreases the Cardinals win total by 5 to 7 games, and decreasing the likelihood they would make the playoffs almost by half. Not a great way to start out spring training. This team still has time to pick up another starting pitcher, but not one nearly has good as Wainwright.

The good news for Adam is should the Cardinals release him at the end of the year, he would be a free agent and once he recovers could likely sign an incentive laden deal such as Brandon Webb, or the Cards could put it all to bed and sign Wainwirght to a new multi year deal hoping he fully recovers.

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