Aunt Charged After Twin Girls Found Neglected

Aunt Charged After Twin Girls Found Neglected

A Texas Aunt faces child neglect charges after police in Liberty County found her twin nieces locked in a dirty room naked and without food.

According to the Huffington Post, Amy Castillo, 27, has been charged with abandonment and endangerment of a child.

The report continues on to state that the twin’s mother, Brandy Dominguez, are pending, though police did mention that she is also awaiting trial on an unrelated human trafficking charge.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the twin girls were found around 8:55 am.

The report continues on to say that probation officers from Beaumont went to the home to search for Dominguez.

The Huffington Post stated that Castillo allowed the officers into the home where they heard scratching coming from a closed door.

Police then got permission from Castillo to enter the room, and that is where they found the two-year-old twin girls.

The Huffington Post continued on to report KTRK stating the following:

“The condition of the home as I was told by the deputy on the scene was deplorable: very dirty, fly-infested. [The] kitchen was dirty, and the entire environment was one that two twin little girls should not be in,” Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Ken DeFoor told the station.

Police say the conditions that the girls were found in were “deplorable.” The room that the girls were found in only had one blanket, no toys, and no access to a bathroom. Officers say the room also smelled strongly of human waste.

Dominguez claims that she had nothing to do with the conditions that her children where found in, stating that she had only been gone a few minutes.

According to KTRH, both girls have been taken into custody by Child Protective Services. The report also states that the two girls are undergoing examinations, then will be placed in a foster home.

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