Christopher Columbus Day 2013: Chinese Explorer Zheng He Beat America’s Explorer?

As we celebrate Christopher Columbus Day 2013 some might be shocked to hear that a Chinese explorer named Zhen He beat Amercia’s famous explorer by centuries.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, we’ve written up what’s open and closed on Christopher Columbus Day 2013.

You might be surprised that Christopher Columbus may have secretly been Jewish. You’re probably even more surprised Christopher Columbus was beat to the Americas by the Chinese.

The Chinese Admiral Zheng He apparently shows a detailed map of America dating back to 1418. British historian Gavin Menzies believes the Chinese Ming dynasty might have settled in places like Peru based upon the ancient names of some villages and cities. But his theories are controversial, with some historians claiming he is a fraud.

Even if Zhen He wasn’t first, Christopher Columbus was in fact quite behind the game with his first colonizing ship arrived in Hispaniola much after viking Leif Erikson. However, soon after Christopher Columbus’ entire settlement was slaughtered by the natives and he was banned from returning. The other colony Christopher Columbus founded, Santo Domingo, was also quite unsuccessful, and he was arrested and sent back to Spain.

Do you think Christopher Columbus Day 2013 should be joined by a Zheng He Day?