Shonda Schilling: ‘We’re Not Broke Just Downsizing’

Shonda Schilling and her husband, famous ex-Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, are selling their Medfield home. Consignworks Inc., the estate sale company handling the property, have the stunning seven bedroom house on the market for $3 million.

On Saturday a bunch of people turned up for what was almost like an open door yard sale. Not only is the estate for sale but also most of the things in it.

On offer were drum sets, baseball gloves, golf carts and and an array glassware and household goods. Shonda Schilling, the proud matriarch of the estate, said on Facebook that they weren’t selling the estate and loads of their stuff because they were short of cash.

She spoke at length on her Facebook post about the reasons why her and Curt were downsizing:

“We are not doing this because we have lost everything and need the money,” she said. Schilling continued to talk about the effect negative media attention has had on her and how hurtful she has found some headlines, she continued:

“Media, talk shows, newspapers you have once again tried to humiliate my husband and my family … That anyone would want to see someone fall so badly that they would assume and write the headlines that were written are pathetic.”

She finished the post by discussing her son Grant who is autistic: “Starting five years ago I really wanted to move. Having a child on the autism spectrum (son Grant), I really wanted him to be in a neighborhood so he could model behaviors of kids his age.”

The family estate was bought from Drew Bledsoe, former quarterback for the Patriots, in 2004 for $4.5 million. They have been trying to sell the property for some time taking it on an off of the market.

The fact that Shonda Schilling and husband Curt stand to lose a cool $1.5 million on the sale is unfortunate. Perhaps that’s why they did the yard sale despite Shonda’s comments on Facebook.