Charlie Hunnam, Conflicting Reports As To Why He Left ‘Fifty Shades’

Charlie Hunnam is not going to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey (FSoG). Fact. The reason why he departed the project and left producers hanging is not clear.

There are conflicting reports as to the nature of the Sons Of Anarchy (SoA) star’s exit from the much anticipated and talked about adaptation of E.L. James novel about the kinky relationship between billionaire Christian Grey and college graduate Anastasia Steele, who is being portrayed by Dakota Johnson.

The statement from the studio indicated that Charlie Hunnam filming of SoA conflicts with the shooting of FSoG, but many believe there are other reasons behind his break with the project.

“Charlie Hunnam was never going to do Fifty Shades Of Grey,” says one source close to the production. “He told his agents from the beginning he didn’t want to do it and was going to pull out.”

Another source close to the project states that Charlie Hunnam’s departure from the movie is “truly due to scheduling.”

“The role of Christian Grey requires a massive time commitment, a trilogy role in which Charlie and his team were originally very aware of from the start and a major consideration in his hesitancy for taking the role. Charlie is the lead in a massive TV series and his loyalty will always be to Sons of Anarchy, the SOA family, and fans.” the unidentified source adds.

The same source says that despite reports, the British actor’s departure from the film is not due to cold feet.

“Charlie is very true to his craft and something like the media circus is not going to deter him from taking a role. That said, The project wasn’t appearing to shape up as expected. There is no bad blood.”

It appears to be a combination of scheduling conflict and media attention that has changed Charlie Hunnam’s mind about taking on Christian Grey. Who do you think should play him?