‘GTA 5’ Vs ‘Pokemon X And Y’: Pocket Monsters Can’t Dethrone Rockstar’s Big Game

'GTA 5' vs 'Pokemon X and Y', Rockstar maintains for now

GTA 5 and Pokemon X and Y have been battling it out for a few days already, but the war already seems decidedly tipped in Rockstar’s favor. Pocket monsters can’t seem to compete with the sandbox shenanigans of a game that earned seven Guinness World Records.

The sixth generation Pokemon 3DS title would actually have had to sell twice as many to compete, since there are two versions of Nintendo’s latest blockbuster. On that note, Grand Theft Auto 5 looks even more amazing, considering it literally beat two other games in sales all by itself.

Both games are considered epic breakthroughs for the series, as Pokemon X and Y has been called what some gamers wanted Pokemon to be like in the first place, and so much detail went into the gameplay aspects of GTA 5 that the sandbox title puts everything before it to shame.

However, in the battle between GTA 5 and Pokemon X and Y, the sales figures say it all. Both sold remarkably well in their first week.

Grand Theft Auto 5 sold over 17 million copies in September alone, again breaking seven Guinness World Records not only for video games, but for the entire entertainment industry.

Pokemon X and Y had over 400,000 pre-orders in the US alone, and has so far sold over 5 million copies since its release only two days ago. If it continues to sell at that rate, even the individual sales of both versions would rival GTA 5 by the end of October.

As it stands, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still the reigning champion in entertainment sales, but the competition from Pokemon X and Y could be a fierce one if it continues to sell at this rate.

Of course the pending lawsuit by rapper Daz Dillinger, who claims Rockstar needs to pay him for using his songs or recall and destroy every copy of GTA 5 that hasn’t sold, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, could end the battle in Nintendo’s favor in a hurry.

Will GTA 5 outsell Pokemon X and Y in the long run, or is Nintendo in for a sales record of its own by the end of 2013?