[NSFW] Nude Photos Of ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Leaked

It’s right about that time in the reality-show “celebrity” fame-cycle for Amber Portwood, and on cue, nude pictures of the Teen Mom star have been leaked.

The images (some below) are standard leaked-pics fare, nothing that would really be out of place in Maxim(there’s still Maxim, right?) or on Page 3. Portwood has, of course, swiftly made herself available to comment on the released of the pictures, saying she knows who leaked them and that it wasn’t babydaddy Gary Shirley. Portwood contends:

“I’ve never given anything to anybody. I wouldn’t do that. I know 100 percent who did it, and I’m going to go after them full force…

“…No, no, Gary didn’t do it. He wasn’t around me because of the no contact order when I took those pictures, but there were a bunch of people who were and I’m sure I know who it was.”

Portwood also says the images were a solo job, refuting a claim that a friend of hers was involved:

“Radar Online totally lied… That is my room, that is my bed, my mirror…you can tell that’s my room and when the show [Teen Mom 3] comes out, everyone will see that it’s my room.”

She also said she intends to “surprise” the leaker, so she doesn’t want to identify who she believes it to be just yet. She classily rebuts:

“Those pics were taken for personal reasons… I didn’t send them to anyone. I didn’t take them for sexual reasons. This is embarrassing enough. It’s just weird. The person who did this is f*cked.”

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