Typhoon Wipha: Incredible Image Posted On Twitter

Typhoon Wipha is getting ready to hammer Japan with destructive winds, record-breaking floods, and mudslides. An incredible photo has been posted on Twitter showing just how massive this storm is.

Currently, there are two major Typhoons churning in the Pacific, Wipha is the biggest one with sustained winds of up to 120 miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane in the US.

In Wipha’s path is Tokyo, where more than 35 million people are getting ready, following evacuations and instructions from meteorologists.

Heavy rainfall is being predicted with the storm and will likely start on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, as the storm approaches.

Residents can expect massive flooding in the mountainous region of inland Japan, which could trigger mudslides.

Rainfall of six to ten inches is predicted through late Wednesday along the coastline along with damaging winds estimated to reach 75 miles per hour.

Typhoon Wipha tracking models show it hitting Shikoku and the Kii Pennisula with the latter being more at risk for widespread flooding as the storm passes.

Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday the coastal areas are expected to start seeing Tropical force winds.

Wednesday morning coastal cities including Shizuoka, Nagoya, and Kyoto will suffer heavy amounts of rain. There is a high risk that flooding will result.

Through the morning on Wednesday the storm will most likely impact the Kanto area as the storm moves to the North East according to tracking models.

Typhoon Wipha will also bring the threat of coastal erosion as giant waves are expected to batter the area.

Once the storm passes on Thursday, much cooler temperatures will take over, thanks to Northwesterly winds across the country.

Typhoon Nari is also churning in the Pacific threatening Vietnam, bringing with it heavy rains and destructive winds much like Typhoon Wipha will unleash on the coast of Japan later this week.