Justin Bieber Blasted By Deadmau5 Over Nightclub Accusations, A Tad Much?

Justin Bieber’s reportedly aggressive conduct in a South Korea nightclub on Friday (Oct.11) has resulted in an all out Twitter war, after renowned deejay Deadmau5 attacked the “Baby” star over accusations made by another DJ and his tour manager.

British DJ and producer Michael Woods took to Twitter on Saturday explaining his version of events.

”Next time u wanna take a cheap shot at my Tour Manager @justinbieber stick around to follow it thru instead of runnin off like a lil p***y,” he raged.

“Story is @justinbieber + his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth half way thru my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop…” Woods continued.”So when I told @justinbieber to f–k off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security.”

Alex Madden, who is Woods’ tour manager, added details of the alleged dust-up. On Twitter, he told one inquiring user,

“[Bieber] sucker punched me when I looked away and ran off letting his security take over! (sic).” He went on to call the teen star a, “jumped up little kid living in a bubble (sic).”

Justin Bieber And Michael Woods Pictured In Seoul, South Korea Nightclub

(Woods posted this snap of Bieber in his DJ booth at a nightclub in Seoul, South Korea to Facebook on Saturday, Oct. 12)

An insider has since told Gossip Cop there is “no truth” to claims the teen singer became involved in a physical altercation. This view is shared by party host Ben Baller who says Woods and Bieber had a heated argument over the music selection, but insists no punches were thrown.

Madden later tweeted,”Ben Baller doesn’t have the facts. He wasn’t there during the situation & he wasn’t the promoter dealing with us that night.”

While Madden and Woods maintained a degree of civility replying to abuse from probably young Beliebers, EDM specialist Deadmau5 (a.k.a Joel Zimmerman) observed no such concerns at his Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Following his odd rant about Bieber earlier this year when the dance titan claimed the teen singer ruined his chances of appearing on the TV show Top Gear, Deadmau5 waded into the new row.

“Dear @justinbieber, would you please grow the f**k up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs,” he tweeted on Oct.12,“Someone needs to jump on Justin’s stage and start telling him what to play. I apologize on behalf of Canada.”

Justin Bieber With Deadmau5 In Toronto In July

Justin Bieber And Deadmau5 At A Toronto Pool Party In July

Still fuming, Deadmau5 said, “someone needs to shut that kid down,” before adding,

when standing up to a spoiled little bitch means you have to put up the cries of 45 million brainwashed goons. I can hang.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 12, 2013

More Bieber-centric tweets later, on Oct. 14 the DJ claimed some fans were attempting to hack his Twitter account.

haha… some of those kids are trying to break into my twitter account. how cute! but they aren’t the most tech savvy. protip: use a proxy.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 14, 2013

For his part Bieber hasn’t responded to Woods’ and Madden’s accusations or Deadmau5. But, given the Canadian DJ’s history of brutal public slams — including his own ex-girlfriend Kat Von D — this may be the wisest course.

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