‘Oldboy’ Remake: New Pics Feature Sharlto Copley, Elizabeth Olsen [Photo]

Spike Lee's Oldboy Remake

One of the latest pics from director Spike Lee’s upcoming Oldboy remake gives moviegoers a glimpse of Sharlto Copley as the villain.

Although the previously-released trailer gave everyone a good look at Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen, the Elysium star didn’t get a lot of screen time. Fortunately, a handful of new images corrects that problem.

In addition to a clear shot of Sharlto Copley, the new images from Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake show off a very seductive Elizabeth Olsen and a scene featuring Samuel L. Jackson. You can find these images in the gallery below.

Oldboy tells the story of a guy who is confined to a small room for several years. To make matters worse, he’s also framed for the murder of his wife. When he’s finally freed from this bizarre prison, our hero sets out to find the people responsible.

The movie is a remake of the South Korean flick of the same name. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Chan-wook Park, the film is often sited as one of the best movies the genre has to offer. In other words, Spike Lee definitely has his work cut out for him.

During an interview with Empire last year, Elizabeth Olsen addressed the changes Lee made to the film. Instead of copying the original movie, the filmmaker used the graphic novel as inspiration.

“It’s not trying to redo [Chan-wook’s] film — it’s coming at it from a different point of view. As well as focusing on the primary source of the Korean film, for our film there’s also the Japanese Manga, so we’re using the primary source of the illustrated novel, really,” the actress explained during her appearance on the Empire Podcast.

Check out the new images from the film below.

Director Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake is presently scheduled to hit theaters in the US on November 27. Are you looking forward to the upcoming thriller?

[Images via FilmDistrict]