Nadine Coyle: Jason Bell Is My Baby’s Daddy

nadine coyle

Nadine Coyle opened up about her pregnancy this week in an interview with Hello! Magazine.

The Girls Aloud star announced that she was pregnant this summer, but she didn’t reveal the baby’s daddy until this week. Coyle told Hello! that her on again, off again boyfriend Jason Bell is the father.

Coyle said that the speculation over her baby daddy was just a little bit of confusion. The Girls Aloud star said that she always knew that Bell was the father, but added that she understood why some people were confused.

Coyle said: “When I said I was pregnant I thought, ‘Why’s everyone wondering who it is? Then I remembered, ‘Oh yes, that’s right. I do stuff on TV and people are confused. So this clears it up! I think we just forgot to tell everyone we were together.”

The Girls Aloud singer said that she never thought that she would be the first member of the band to get pregnant.

Coyle said: “I think I was the least likely to be the first to have a baby… A couple of the other girls had wanted babies for a long time but I said no way… It was definitely a shock, but I was really, really happy.”

Coyle and Bell have been dating on and off for the last few years, but the singer told Hello Magazine that they are officially back together. Bell and Coyle haven’t announced any wedding plans yet, but Bell said that he was very excited about the new baby.

Bell said: “I’ve never felt excitement like this in my whole life. Knowing we’re having a baby takes it to another level.”

Nadine Coyle’s full interview with Hello! Magazine is on shelves now.

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