Kylie Minogue ‘Heartbroken’ After Break Up

Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend Andres Velncoso have split up.

Minogue and Velencoso dated for five years. They reportedly broke up this weekend after deciding that they could no longer work around their busy schedules.

The singer, 45, is reportedly devastated about the break up.

A few years ago, Minogue told The Sun that Velncoso was “the one.”

Minogue said:

“I have had boyfriends who have stressed me out and he doesn’t. He is easy going, funny, loving and really supportive… We both work at finding gaps in our schedule. That’s a logistic in our lives.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Minogue and Velencoso were able to work around their busy schedules for a few years, but things got a little too hectic when the singer signed on to be a coach on The Voice. A source close to the singer said that the new schedule was “unbearable” for the couple.

A source said: “When Kylie signed up for The Voice, they knew they couldn’t cope with the long distance pressures the job would put on them.”

In addition to The Voice, Kylie Minogue has also been working on a new album. The singer has not commented on the break up yet.

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