Public Molson Beer Fridges Dispense Free Drinks In Europe, But Only If You're Canadian

James Johnson

If you happen to be traveling through Europe and stumble upon a large beer fridge in a public place, you may only be happy if you are Canadian.

Canada's premiere beer company, Molson, has placed free beer around the continent in an attempt to bolster national pride. There's only one problem, the beer fridges will only open up if you have a Canadian passport.

The free stockpile of Molson beer requires drinkers to scan their password in order to open the fridge.

The public Molson beer fridges are located everywhere from London to Brussels in Belgium.

Pictured above, the fire engine red fridges are constantly stocked with cold beverages. A webcam located inside each fridge snaps a photograph of a citizens password and then unlocks the fridge when the drinker is verified.

The public Molson beer fridges are the brainchild of ad company Rethink, which rehashes the "I am Canadian" slogan. The company hopes to launch even more fridges, possibly in Russian during the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The fridge may serve two purposes. First, it allows residents to know that your Canadian and not American, likely a big win in some areas. Second, opening the fridge and sharing with locals could be a great way to make new friends during your travels. As someone who grew up in Canada and then moved back to the United States, I have a tip for my fellow Americans; ask nicely and a Canadian drinker will probably share in their free beer. They really buy into that whole sharing is caring attitude in the North.

Molson has not revealed how many beers it has given away as part of the promotion. If they're anything like us, they simply don't remember how many they had the night before.

Would you take advantage of the free public Molson beer fridges if given the chance?