Caroline Wozniacki Dumped By Rory McIlroy

Wozniacki Dumped Over Twitter Pic?

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki is apparently scoring no love after her split with teed off golf star Rory McIlroy (you gotta love bad sports puns).

Sources suggest the split was due to the pic she’d posted on Twitter of young McIlroy, sleeping with his mouth open. The pic is captioned “Jetlag? Lol!!” and you can just imagine the snores.

“Rory was very upset by it and even Serena Williams pointed out – albeit in a joking way – it was a pretty mean thing to do,” according to a source from the Irish Independent.

“Yes they are over. It’s a difficult time for them both but it is for the best in the long run,” a source told the Independent.

Caroline is said to be “devastated” by the breakup. McIlroy, who’d been with Wozniacki for the better part of two years, reportedly wants to focus on his career. Maybe the unsolicited advice from golf hall-of-famer Gary Player sunk in.

“He’s got to find himself a wife that’ll help him, actually almost dedicate her life to him being a success,” he told ESPN.

If you’re a young man like Rory, you can’t play with worries,” Player said. “You can’t have managerial problems, you can’t have women problems.”

Two cents: that tweet was funny and cute, but “mean”? That’s absurd. If McIlroy wants to dump Wozniacki to focus on his career, that’s fine and understandable, considering how he’s playing. Gary Player’s attitude on women is just about as mothballed as the man himself, but maybe he’s right. Maybe Rory needs a woman with no life outside of being with him. But if this relationship is over because of a cheeky Twitter pic, it had some real problems already and Caroline Wozniacki is better off in the long run.

“Gorgeous blonde tennis player with great sense of humor seeks goofy-faced bespectacled man to share bed.”

Caroline Wozniacki: when your tears have dried, look me up.