Cheers! BarBot Machine Delivers Alcohol If You Don’t Mind Gambling

If you don’t care for wagering money in the hopes of winning more money, you might want to give BarBot a try. This ingenious contraption created by team at NYC Resistor, dolls out alcoholic beverages in the place of cold hard cash winnings.

The machine was built as part of the “Take On the Machine” competition sponsored by Vimby and Scion and was created by purchasing an old slot machine on Craigslist and then spending $3000 and 320 hours to “hack the machine” in an attempt to create something new and inventive.

The machine works just like a regular slot, users pull the handle, then wait for a winning combination. Depending on the combination that appears the machine mixes the users drink and dispenses it without lifting a finger. The machine even has an LED which displays which drink is being made.

It should be noted that only traditional cocktails are dispensed so you won’t end up with some weird disgusting alcoholic beverage. Also, the Fear and Loathing dreamed up by the winning team so kudos to them for coming up with the perfect way to show off their BarBot slot machine.

[via ForeverGeek]