‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Star Steven Ogg Grants Fan Request, Tells Him To ‘F*** Off’ [Video]

Grand Theft Auto 5 star Steven Ogg made a fan’s dream come true by telling the guy to “f*** off.” It’s not everyday that someone in the real world gets cussed out by Trevor.

The scenario played out at the New York Comic-Con over the weekend. During the GTA 5 panel, a fan asked Ogg if he would kindly tell him to “f*** off.” Instead of simply tossing out the phrase from where he was sitting, the actor decided to improvise.

With his camera rolling, the Grand Theft Auto 5 fanatic watched in complete delight as Steven Ogg left the panel and marched across the room. After he was right in the middle of the guy’s personal space, Ogg delivered the requested expletive. You can check out video of the exchange below.

Although watching Ogg channel Trevor is fantastic all by itself, the fact that he mimicked the character’s strut made the encounter that much sweeter. The cheers and applause that followed suggest that other people were just as giddy about it as the fan who filmed it.

For those who haven’t played Rockstar Games’ latest open-world crime saga, Steven Off plays redneck psychopath Trevor in Grand Theft Auto 5. Despite being a hot-headed and frequently violent lunatic, it’s hard not to develop an attachment to the guy.

Ogg recently addressed his character’s violent tendencies after critics lashed out at the game’s controversial torture sequence. Although he hasn’t played the game himself, the actor believes that the scene isn’t worth getting upset about.

“People play these games to escape, to be free of the repression they may or may not feel in their ordinary lives. Trevor brings it all back for gamers — you get to act out on every impulse and desire,” Ogg explained.

He continued, “I have not played it, but I have put it into a console and watched the beginning. I tend to bump into the same wall over and over and over again when I attempt to control any character in a game. I’d love to watch it, though!”

Check out Steven Ogg’s encounter with an enthusiastic GTA 5 fan below. Since the clip contains foul language, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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[Image via Rockstar Games / Take-Two Interactive]