Tropical Storm Octave Could Bring Heavy Rain, Flooding To Texas

Tropical Storm Octave Could Bring Heavy Rain, Flooding To Texas

Tropical Storm Octave is not expected to make landfall for another few days, but already forecasters are predicting the storm will soak a large portion of the Southwest with heavy rains and potential flooding.

The storm is currently churning south of Mexico’s Baja California and making its way toward the United States. Forecasters believe it will make landfall as a tropical depression on the Baja Peninsula sometime in the middle of this week.

Though Tropical Storm Octave is not predicted to bring damaging winds, forecasters do believe it will enhance rainfall from a storm system in Texas and could cause flooding in some parts of the state.

“The biggest concern [in the United States] is that moisture gets drawn up from Octave and over a front draped over Texas,” said Meteorologist Joseph McCormick.

The storm will likely have an impact in Mexico as well. High surf and rip currents are expected along the Mexican coast as the circulation gathers strength, and the resort area of Cabo San Lucas is expected to feel the brunt of the storm late in the week.

Tropical Storm Octave was growing stronger as it moved toward America. It was still more than 315 miles from the tip of the Baja Peninsula and moving at only 13 miles per hour, but had wind speeds of up to 65 miles per hour.

The power surge will likely be short-lived, forecasters said. Tropical Storm Octave was expected to continue growing stronger for several hours but would begin to gradually weaken starting on Monday.