Million Vet March: ‘Barrycades’ Removed From Memorials, Placed At White House [Photos]

Million vet march: 'barrycades' removed from memorials, taken to White House

The Million Vet March to protest the closure of monuments and memorials due to the government shutdown was the launching pad of a new term, when the veterans removed “barrycades” placed at memorials around the city and transported them to the White House.

In a true sign of civil disobedience, the defying veterans carried the barricades at the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial and physically carried them to the President’s residence.

In case you’re wondering about the “barrycades”. President Obama is sometimes referred to as “Barry”. Get it?

A pointed picture has a sign with the President and the caption that reads “Barrycade” and the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid with his caption reading “Harrycade”.

Whoever the clever person was that came up with the term, it got a lot of attention on Twitter and also during the march.

Organizers of the Million Vet March were focusing on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in D.C., but their website invited veterans from around the nation to go to their local memorials.

While taking down the “barrycades” to make their point, the protesters were heard chanting, “tear down these walls.” It was as clear reference to Ronald Reagan’s famous speech asking that the Berlin Wall be torn down.

Some of the eyewitnesses who took to the social media site had strong opinions about what they were seeing.

Other chants heard at the Million Vet March were: “shut down the White House” and “USA. USA”. The crowd also broke into song with “God Bless America”, according to ABC.