Why the Apple succession angst when we know who it’s going to be

Steve Jobs is Apple, and Apple is Steve Jobs. The two are synonymous for style and some of the best hardware on the market but ever since it was reported that Steve Jobs wasn’t the healthiest person around one of the most talked about subject in relation to Apple is – who would succeed him.

It is a topic that has been dissected and regurgitated ad naseum as well as becoming a hot topic for Apple shareholders to the point that some have demanded that Apple make public its succession plans on the event that Steve Jobs either leaves permanently, or passes away.

It is also a subject that comes up now at every shareholders meeting much like the one they are having today and as before the proposal that Apple adopt a detailed succession plan was turned down.

This of course has everyone analyzing and opining about the defeated proposal to which I would suggest .. why are you all so worked up over this?

The fact is that we already know who is going to succeed Steve Jobs on the fateful day he leaves the company. It is the man who has carried the company through Steve Jobs’ past, and current, absences; and who has been very well compensated for his work. There is no guessing who will replace Steve Jobs at all because he already has, for all intents and purposes, has the job.

I am of course talking about Tim Cook.

So let’s stop all the silly guessing and opining because at the end of the day the transition from Steve Jobs to the new CEO, Tim Cook, will be seamless and uneventful – just the way Apple likes things done.