Porsche Macan Teaser Photo Released, Shows Unique Headlights

The 2014 Porsche Macan won’t be revealed until next month’s 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, but that hasn’t stopped the auto manufacturer from teasing us with a few concepts.

Porsche even created a microsite to promote the Macan, a compact crossover based on the Cayenne. While it does share many design cues with the Cayenne, the Macan appears to have a more sporty look — at least in the teaser images and sketches of the car.

The Macan’s latest teaser photo is on the front page of the microsite and reveals something new — the crossover will have a unique quad-LED headlight system.

Let’s face it, there are already several photos of the Macan out there (just search Google), but Porsche has released few official images of its new car, and the headlight concept is a first.

LEDs are becoming more common in headlight design, but we have yet to see one like the Macan will have. AutoBlog notes that Porsche has been hinting at innovations in lighting through its latest concept reveals, including the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo showcar, which debuted at the Paris Motor Show last year.

The wagon version of the Panamera also included four-point LED headlights, as well as in the rear. Because of this, plus the new Macan picture, we’re betting the unique headlights will become a staple at Porsche soon.

No technical details about the Porsche Macan have been revealed yet, reports The Telegraph. That will likely hold true until the car’s unveiling next month. However, the lack of information hasn’t kept experts from speculating about what the crossover will have under the hood. It is likely the new sporty car will include options for four- and six-cylinder gas and diesel engines.

Porsche explained that it will reveal new information about the Macan on the site every week until it is finally unveiled. For now, we’re left with teaser photos, and a video that shows a black version of the vehicle playing in some sand dunes.

What do you think about the Porsche Macan so far?