Exes Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Reunite For Music Video

Back in the 90s Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were attached at the hip. Since then they have both moved on to several significant others, and have not been photographed together since. Now, years after their split both Depp and Moss will come together for the sake of work.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss have been slated to star alongside each other in a new music video. What music video could bring these two famous exes together? It's none other than former Beatles musician Paul McCartney. These days McCartney is making pretty great solo music, and for his next video, "Queenie Eye", Johnny and Kate will lend a helping hand.

The music video for "Queenie Eye", featuring Depp and Moss, will shoot at London's Abbey Road Studios. It's said that the two just happen to be very good friends of the McCartney's daughter Stella.

It's likely that Johnny Depp and Kate Moss haven't spoken to each other since their tumultuous split in 1998. After dating for four years, Moss voluntarily checked herself into a clinic for exhaustion. In the past Moss referred to the split as "a nightmare" but it looks like she's putting everything aside for her friend Stella.

Paul McCartney said of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss' agreement to shoot the music video, "They are friends of mine and Stella's. I am very lucky they agreed to do it."

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss aren't the only celebrities to star in the video. It's said that Gary Barlow and Meryl Streep will also pull in favors for Paul McCartney. A source close to the production on the music video told Mirror:

"The big talking point was Kate and Johnny. They really try to avoid one another in public because there have been raw emotions in the past – but neither could say no to Macca. They only have little roles, but it's the first time they're appearing on screen together since the split."

Since Johnny Depp's split from Kate Moss, he went on to date singer Vanessa Paradis for years. The two welcomed two children together, Lily-Rose and Jack. The two split and now Depp is dating actress Amber Heard. Moss dated editor Jefferson Hack, and has a daughter Lila-Grace with him. In 2011 she married The Kills rocker Jamie Hince.

Are you excited to see Johnny Depp and Kate Moss reunited?