North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Has Mansion Remodeled On Taxpayers’ Money

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory puts taxpayers' money into mansion remodel

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is getting his mansion’s bathrooms remodeled on taxpayers’ money. So much for cutting the national deficit.

As the US continues its government shutdown at an ironically growing expense in order to agree on a budget to get the nation out of the hole Congress has dug for us, some members of Congress are showing a blatant disregard for the problems at hand.

The North Carolina Governor’s mansion is getting $230,000 of the taxpayers’ money put into having its bathrooms remodeled. That’s how much the average full time WalMart employee earns in about ten years after taxes. Brace yourselves, the scumbag North Carolina Governor memes are coming.

Yes, this is the same state that told a church group to stop feeding the homeless, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

If North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory didn’t seem like enough of a scumbag by now, he’s the same Governor who demanded tighter budgets for public schools and social programs. They’re supposed to wait until they’re elected President before making themselves look so despicable.

Department of Administration spokesman Chris Mears said that the last time the mansion’s bathrooms had been remodeled was in the 70s, though he says that said rooms are still in working order. The mansion remodel was included in the $90 million renovation and repair budget for the state’s buildings. Chris Mears adds:

“When you are talking about a historic property of that degree, it’s not something that you can just go down to Lowe’s and buy kind of a standard fit for these areas. So almost everything will be some sort of custom work or specially designed for this space.”

Still, there are much more helpful things that can be done with that kind of money, such as the aforementioned public schools, but instead it’s going toward making the bathrooms look pretty.

So there you go, ladies and gentlemen, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has shown us exactly where his priorities lie.