TYLT Energi+ Backpack Review

It's not often that I review a backpack and actually find the product extremely useful or interesting, but with TYLT's Energi+, I actually found myself amazed by how useful a battery-equipped backpack could be.

TYLT's Energi+ received its first round of media coverage when it made an appearance at CES 2013, but it took a few months for the backpack to finally come out. For a road warrior like myself, being able to plug in my devices on-the-go without ever looking further than my backpack, is quite an appealing idea.

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Although you can obviously take a portable battery and throw it in any backpack, TYLT took things even further by allowing people to string cables throughout the backpack into various areas. This makes charging significantly easier as you are able to open one small pocket and plug in your device instead of unzipping the whole bag and trying to find a safe place to put a phone or tablet.

Speaking of safety, the Energi+ provides a fair amount of protection in all of the areas that are supposed to house a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Since there is adequate padding, I never found myself worrying about whether or not my devices would get ruined if I had to quickly set down my bag.

Check out the TYLT Energi+ HERE

Not everything is perfect with TYLT's Energi+ however, some simply things such as a chest strap are not included. While I personally never use chest strap, many people do when they are trying to run around airports or conventions. So, for a backpack that is meant for road warriors, it is unfortunate that TYLT did not include a feature that has become commonplace in most backpacks.

Right off the bat, TYLT includes two USB cables (one with a 30-pin Apple attachment head) and a 10,400 mAh battery. The battery is able to charge smaller devices multiple times before the battery itself needs to get refilled. For people with newer Apple devices, the included USB cables will not work but you are able to plug in your own USB cable into one of the three open charging spots on the TYLT battery.

One of the really nice things about TYLT's backpack is that unlike with some of its competitors, the Energi+ battery can be completely removed from the bag if necessary. Since the bag itself is so light and sturdy, if you do not need the battery, then the Energi+ is a great backpack without it.

Rating: 9/10

Cost: $199.99

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