‘Batman: Arkham Origins’: NYCC Panel Introduces Another Villain

Batman: Arkham Origins NYCC announcements have arrived. Say hello to yet another one of the assassins out to collect the dark knight’s head.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal took over the franchise and it looks like they’re going out of their way to ensure gamers feel right at home as Batman. This time around, the dark knight will still be new to the game on the most part, having only gone after gangsters up to this point, and he’s rather arrogant. As the story goes, it’s Christmas Eve and the Black Mask has put a price on Batman’s head, drawing in a new breed of villain to take down the caped crusader.

Villains announced thus far have included the Joker, Bane, Catwoman, Deathstroke, Firefly, the Mad Hatter, and Copperhead. This latest announcement is quite the shocker, literally.

The Batman: Arkham Origins panel from NYCC introduced the Electrocutioner, which of course means that we might be getting a remake of the original Harley Quinn boss battle from Batman: Arkham Asylum. You do remember the electrified floors, right?

Of course there is no guarantee that the Electocutioner will use that boss battle setting, but he is a mercenary who uses electricity channeled through his gloves to beat up his targets. He also introduces one of Batman’s wonderful toys for later in the game, the shock gloves.

This opens up a slew of questions involving what other assassins might leave behind for Batman to use later.

Other potential leaks taken directly from the game’s official soundtrack tell us what other villains we might be looking out for. Killer Croc and Magpie may be DLC villains in the future, as it was originally stated that eight villains will be in the game.

Another treat that NYCC treated the audience to was an official Joker monologue from new voice actor Troy Baker. He performed the classic speech from The Killing Joke, as seen above.

The Batman: Arkham Origins NYCC announcement may be the last major reveal for the game, but for fans of the series, Warner Bros. Games Montreal had them at “hello.”