Jay Z Travels By Tube To His Concert At The O2 Arena [Photos]

Commuters on the tube got the shock of their lives when rapper Jay Z joined them on his way to his concert at the O2 Arena in London.

Plenty of celebrities in London use the tube (the subway), so it is no surprise to see someone famous taking public transportation, but nobody as big as Jay Z has done it, that we know of.

The rapper was not alone however, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Timbland who is touring with him in his Magna Carta tour, also made some in the crowd starstruck.

Martin and Jay Z are close friends and later appeared on stage together.

Of course, many of those who witnessed the famous trio’s trip took to Twitter to tell the world about the encounter.

Through them we found out there was about 10 people as part of the entourage, we can assume some of those were body guards, after all we’re talking about Jay Z in the tube here.

These are some of the tweets shared by fans who saw the famous rapper in the London tube.

Jay z just London undergrounding it to his show at the 02 yesterday. pic.twitter.com/tZvtagIekP

— Letesha (@LDMoore_) October 13, 2013

Jay Z and timberland casually at Waterloo station omg pic.twitter.com/omORJal2Xr

— Roisin Tangney (@RoisinTangney) October 13, 2013

You get the idea. Shocking!

This is not the first time Jay Z has used public transportation, last year he took the subway for one of his concerts in New York.

Whether this was a one time thing, we can’t say, but Jay Z may be using the tube again, he has four concerts at the O2. He heads to the mainland after he completes his British stints.