2009 NFL Draft two years out: Kansas City Chiefs

Since the Kansas City Chiefs picked third in the 2009 NFL draft, and will pick 21st in the 2011 draft after making the playoffs it seems that they have done quite well in the NFL draft. What we have to remember about this draft for the Chiefs is they traded their second round pick for QB Matt Cassel. That seems to have been a very good trade, and one of the reasons this team made the playoffs in 2010.

Before we go any farther a quick look at the relevant 2009 picks made by the Chiefs:

1.Round 1 (3)- Tyson Jackson DE
2.Round Three (67)- Alex Magee DE
3.Round Four (102)- Donald Washington CB
4.Round Five (139)- Colin Brown OT
5.Round Six (175)- Quinten Lawrence WR
6.Round Seven (212)- Javarris Williams RB
7.Round Seven (237)- Jake O’Connell TE
8.Round Seven (256)- Ryan Succop K

Since the Chiefs play a 3-4 defense the two DE’s they took in the 2009 draft do not get a ton of numbers. DE’s in a 34 defense are meant to be disruptors, not the guys who rack up the big numbers in terms of tackles since the scheme relies more of the LB corps to get the key defensive stats. Tyson Jackson looks to be doing well, but Alex Magee has already left the team, but did return in 2010. It is far too early to determine how either player will work out, but they seem to be producing.

CB Donald Washington so far has not produced much, and may end up being a bust but the 7th round pick of K Ryan Succop has worked out fairly well. Even though he has been less than dependable at long range. All in all this still looks like an ok draft class.

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