Rodney Watkins Smoked Crack Cocaine Inside Police Station

Rodney Watkins Smokes Crack Inside Police Station

Ohio Resident Rodney Watkins was recently caught smoking crack cocaine. Addiction to the drug is not uncommon, however, most people are not caught smoking crack inside a police station.

According to Police in Golf Manor, Ohio, Watkins was taken to the station to determine if he had any outstanding warrants for his arrest. Watkins supplied false identification in the form of a fake drivers license to police during a routine traffic stop. That decision gave police cause to place him under detention.

After arriving at the police station Watkins was left alone in an interview room while officers conducted their investigation. After a short period of time the man pulled out a crack pipe and lit up.

The entire incident was caught on video by an officer who was monitoring the room.

Police quickly placed Watkins under arrest for drug abuse and possession of paraphernalia.

Perhaps because of his failure to reveal his real identity and his choice to smoke crack inside a police station, a judge placed him under a $39,750 bond.

A video of Rodney Watkins smoking crack was placed on YouTube but eventually removed by the original uploading party.

According to court documents, “the subject produced a glass pipe and lighter, and lit the pipe and attempted to smoke the remaining crack.”

Officers note that a large sign outside of the interview room reads, “audio and video surveillance on duty at all times.”

The 46-year-old crack cocaine user was probably to distracted about getting his next hit to read the surveillance sign.

Are you surprised that Rodney Watkins would smoke crack cocaine inside a police interview room?