Hasbro Transformers Cine-Mask 3D Glasses Are Pointless, We Want Them

If you plan on taking your kids to see Transformers: Dark of The Moon this summer you might want to think about spicing up their experience a little bit with the Hasbro Cine-Mask 3D glasses experience.

Being sold before the show releases in theaters, the glasses, available in Optimus Prime (picured above) and Bumblebee (pictured below) setups allow your kids to show their support for the coolest robots on the planet.

Each pair of glasses encase a real pair of RealD 3D glasses so the entire experience is true to form with other moviegoers who may only pay a few extra dollars for their glasses, but who will definitely not look like much of a fan next to your children.

Sorry to all you adults who want a pair, they only come in kids sizes.

Bumblebee Cine-Mask 3D Glasses For Children