Michael Beasley’s Bruise Wasn’t From Punching Himself In The Head

Michael Beasley may have punched himself in the head in a moment of frustration, but the Miami Heat forward wasn’t injured by it.

Instead, Beasley apparently sought medical treatment to reduce swelling above his eye after he took an accidental blow to the head from Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko.

According to an initial report from CBS Sports, Beasley punched himself in the head after he was called for traveling and also after missing a shot.

The reports added that this was the reason the Heat forward received medical treatment, which included a steel compress cut doctors normally use on boxers.

However the Heat disputed the report. ESPN notes that the team explained the swelling was from Jerebko’s accidental blow while he was trying to block a shot in the third quarter.

The NBA player added his own commentary into the mix, as well. Michael Beasley stated before Friday’s preseason game against the Charlotte Bobcats, “I watched the video, and it does look like I knocked the mess out of myself. I had everybody in the world calling me and asking, ‘Why you so crazy?’ “

Beasley added that he didn’t mean to cause distractions or draw any negative attention to himself, considering this is his second attempt playing with the Heat. He explained, “I’m coming into a delicate situation. It’s not pressure, but it is a little more to think about. I don’t want to be the reason the ship fails. I’m definitely taking it more serious than my first two years.”

That attitude is a good way to start things out with the team that drafted Beasley second overall in 2008. He was traded away just two season later as the Heat tried to shed salary so they could lure in LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Beasley spent the next three years in Minnesota and Phoenix before the Suns released him in August.

Thankfully, Miami decided to give him a second chance. With that in mind, we’re sure Michael Beasley will think twice the next time he wants to punch himself in the head.

[Image by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons]