Apple’s Headquarters To Receive Major Update

apple headquarters main campus california

Apple will be completely re-doing the layout and design of its main campus once it moves the campus’ location to HP’s old headquarters. Since HP has removed itself from its old Cupertino area, Apple is taking advantage of the open space and is relocating its campus.

Nothing is completely set in stone and Apple is only proposing plans as of right now, but it is likely that the company will be moving into the new location. Apple plans to use the 175-acre piece of land to house its main operations and instead of having 80% of the land be concrete (like it currently is) the company will leave 80% of the acreage open.

Apple’s chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer spoke about the new campus plans when he told Mercury News about the proposed location and building. “You see the energy and the love and the attention to detail that we’ve put into this,” said Oppenheimer.

It appears as though the design for the primarily open and “green” campus was Steve Jobs’ idea before he passed away. Since Tim Cook and Oppenheimer have seen the success of Jobs’ ideas throughout the decades, it makes sense that they would follow through with the campus design.

Oppenheimer wants Apple employees to be able to work side by side without any issues coming about due to the design of the actual building. He plans to allow employees to work with each other consistently every single day, which is why the circle design for the campus is being tossed around as of right now.

Being green with the new Apple headquarters is definitely something that Jobs would have wanted and is something that should be a major part of the campus. According to Apple employees, the new campus would be one of the most environmentally sustainable campus’ possible for such a large operation.