Good news from the economic crisis: Russian Vodka is about to get cheaper

No country is fully immune from the global economic crisis, but some places react differently to others.

In Russia, the economic crisis has meant that less people are drinking Vodka, the national drop. Stockpiles of Vodka in Russia are now 6 times higher at the start of the month than the same time a year ago because factories are producing vodka faster than they can sell it, according to reports.

“People are having to save money, including on drinks, and this is connected to the impact of the financial crisis on people’s disposable incomes,” Pavel Shapkin, president of the National Alcohol Association (NAA), told Reuters.

Although the news may be great for Western Vodka drinkers who like their Vodka from Russia, it’s not great for local drinkers, who are dying in record numbers as they turn to cheaper, and more dangerous Vodka substitutes. 1,458 people died in Russia from alcohol poisoning in September, up significantly from previous months