Justin Bieber: Amid Nightclub Assault Allegations Says ‘Believe’ Movie Will Answer ‘Lies’

Justin Bieber’s allegedly aggressive behavior towards Brit DJ Michael Woods and his tour manager in a South Korea nightclub, has triggered an all out Twitter war with supporters on both sides.

The 19-year-old recently performed in South Korea with his Believe tour on October 10.

On October 12, Woods took to Twitter alleging Bieber and his bodyguards entered his DJ booth at Seoul’s Eden club during his set and demanded he play hip-hop. The EDM specialist claims when he refused, the singer argued with him then took a “cheap shot” at his tour manager Alex Madden. The DJ claims the teen star then retreated behind his security team.

However, Ben Baller, a representative of the club, has denied a punch was thrown and says while there was a disagreement over the music selection it diffused before it became physical.

“Next time u wanna take a cheap shot at my Tour Manager @justinbieber stick around to follow it thru instead of runnin off like a lil p***y,” Woods later tweeted.

“Story is @justinbieber + his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth half way thru my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop,” he added.

Not done, Woods continued, “So when I told @justinbieber to f**k off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security.”

Since then, further missives from the parties involved, Bieber’s friends and Beliebers, and random Twitter users has added to the furor.

On Oct.12, fellow Canadian Deadmau5 blasted the “Baby” star on the social networking site.

“Dear @justinbieber, would you please grow the f*ck up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs,” he tweeted his over 2.4 million followers. “Someone needs to jump on Justin’s stage and start telling him what to play. I apologize on behalf of Canada.”

Deadmau5 went on to say “… Someone needs to shut that kid down,” adding, “I’m sorry, but if you got up in my face while I was performing, and demanded me to play some bullsh*t, I’d probably punch you in the neck.”

Later tweets on Deadmau5’s timeline were largely profane replies to angry tweets from Beliebers, some of which the producer — who is no stranger to rants — retweeted.

Ok kids. You got me. I’m just jealous that I will never be able to hire writers and producers to make me a chart topper. That’s about it.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 12, 2013

He later added:

when standing up to a spoiled little bitch means you have to put up the cries of 45 million brainwashed goons. I can hang. — deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 12, 2013

Over on Madden’s Twitter page, he was also fending off Belieber fury. Responding to users’ inquiries, he says Justin punched him when he was “looking away” then “ran off letting his security take over.”

In addition to posting other tweets about Bieber’s physicality and fighting abilities, Madden insisted the alleged attack was unprovoked.

The manager went on to say he used to think Bieber received bad press unfairly, but now thought differently. Madden put this down to the rarefied life he says the singer leads.

In Bieber’s corner, Believe tour DJ Tay James posted a mocking tweet to Deadmau5, referring to his previous meet with the teen singer at a Toronto poolside party during his Canada tour stop in July.

“You have so much to say about Justin @deadmau5 but when u met him you didn’t know how to control your self stop you don’t even know (sic),” James wrote.

Deadmau5 later responded to James indirectly in a tweet to a Bieber fan, denying he had acted in an ingratiating way to the singer before posting more profanity.

Fellow Canadian, Dan Kanter, musical director and Believe tour guitarist, also weighed in.

E! News reports Madden hasn’t yet decided if he will report the alleged assault to local police. The outlet added, “the club reportedly backed Bieber and kicked Woods off his set after the fight” and says Bieber then took control of the DJ booth and played hip-hop music.

On Sunday Justin returned to Twitter to promote “All That Matters,” the second single in his “Music Mondays” series which releases midnight (Oct.14.) Rallying fans to join him in a countdown to the premiere, the singer said his Believe movie-documentary would address untruths about him.

Meanwhile, Woods’ timeline promises a markedly different approach to the ongoing row.