‘Fifty Shades’: Did Charlie Hunnam Get Cold Feet?

Fifty Shades Of Grey and Charlie Hunnam have parted ways, as reported by The Inquisitr earlier on Saturday, because of cold feet?

The search begins anew for an actor who will agree to portray Christian Grey, the billionaire who starts a steamy romance with Anastasia Steele, a recent college graduate in E.L. James novel.

The official statement says that there is a conflict in Hunnam’s television schedule with the series Sons Of Anarchy, but some news outlets, such as the New York Daily News are reporting that Charlie bowed out due to cold feet regarding the project.

By all accounts, he would have to get down and dirty with Dakota Johnson, who has been chosen to play Anastasia, and Charlie seemed to have no problem with the prospect, but a role like this is a gamble for any actor.

Charlie Hunnam is not a household name, and maybe they won’t find any established actor who is willing to take the part, then what?

They could focus on relative unknowns to fill the void left by the British actor in Fifty Shades Of Grey.


Another raunchy film, which is getting to debut in Denmark, and is much more explicit, from all reports, is Nymphomaniac, for which the actors were reportedly asked to go as far as they could in sex scenes.

That movie was able to get some pretty big names to take the roles in which nudity and sex are the name of the game. So why not Fifty Shades?

Fans were not happy when it was announced Charlie Hunnam had been chosen for Christian Grey and much a la Ben Affleck with Batman, petitions were signed to have him removed. Those fans must be happy.

Now what? Well, the search goes on. There is no guarantees that either Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill, the top picks among fans will take on the raunchy role in Fifty Shades, but they might find someone else to fill in Charlie Hunnam’s shoes. No comment yet, from the actor. The movie has a release date of August 1, 2014.