Selfie Survey, Plus How Many Of You Take Covert Photos Of Strangers?

A new selfie survey has revealed that only 25 percent of people report that they are tired of the classic social networking pose.

The survey was conducted by Bing and reported first by Glamour UK.

Adding to the details of the study, stated that research was conducted on more than 2,000 adults, with just 500 saying no to the obnoxious pose.

Seriously, when you consider how many pics are out there, particularly the “duckface,” or the “Miley tongue,” we think a 25 percent disapproval is surprisingly low.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a selfie is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”

(That’s right. It has made the dictionary.)

Perhaps it’s not fair to attack the self-taken pic outright. Couples often do it because it’s easier than bothering a stranger to capture a moment on the fly.

Unfortunately, it’s widely used by lonely people, who in front of a bathroom mirror, are unable to keep their lips from pursing, their cheeks from sinking in, and their chins from tilting to one side.

(The next time you see someone on your friends list do it, please publicly mock and ridicule them until they remove it.)

In addition to the selfie survey, we recently dug up another survey, this one reported by, that revealed (more disturbingly) that eight percent of British adults take stealthy photos of beautiful strangers. (Creepy much?)

The questionnaire, sponsored by Nokia, polled 2,076 Britons, asking numerous “quirky and strange questions,” leading to some equally quirky and creepy answers, the website noted.

In all, one in 12 Brits admitted to secretly snapping photos of beautiful strangers on public transport, in the park and in coffee shops.

Furthermore, the survey claimed that seven million people in the UK admitted to having “intimate” portraits of themselves stored on their phone. Five million of the seven admitted they were worried these photos will one day end up on Facebook. Last but not least, 25 percent won’t let their significant others browse their camera roll.

What are your thoughts on the selfie survey and these other findings regarding smartphone camera use? Do you like the selfie, and which other smartphone camera behaviors are you guilty of?

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