Piers Morgan ‘Woke Up To Sharon Osbourne’s Naked Breast’

Piers Morgan says he woke up to Sharon Osbourne’s naked breast once.

It appears Ozzy Osbourne isn’t the only one in the famous family who’s known to be a little crazy. Piers Morgan told a news site (which he once edited before he was fired) about a strange flight to Los Angeles where he shared sleeping quarters with his America’s Got Talent judge costars.

It seems Sharon Osbourne had been a little tipsy and frisky after a couple of glasses of wine, and Piers Morgan struggles with the things he experienced on the flight.

For a while Piers Morgan says he was just trying to sleep and Sharon Osbourne kept waking him up, yelling, poking him, pulling his ears, and just being generally odd.

What really got to Piers Morgan was when he opened his eyes and Sharon Osbourne’s naked right breast was dangling right in his face. He had a problem with it mostly because, again, he was trying to sleep.

Piers Morgan said Sharon Osbourne is really someone he likes quite a bit, but that was a bit much.

Piers Morgan’s had more than enough encounters with A-list celebrities, from top film stars to politicians, from Oprah Winfrey to the Dalai Lama, and he says he doesn’t mind the fame at all.

Piers Morgan explained:

“You’ll never hear me moaning about the price of fame. I’m very fortunate that my job is to interact with the most powerful, rich, successful people on earth. I love it. I get to interview them all for my CNN show. It’s nice when the power balance changes too. When I was a subservient showbiz writer in the 80s the biggest pop stars in the country were Duran Duran and I was desperate to get near them. I recently interviewed them in LA – they were flogging their latest album – and Duran Duran walked into MY studio with the Hollywood sign in the background.”

According to Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne can be just as crazy as her husband when she’s tipsy.

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