Spooky The Cat Shot With Crossbow, Prepare To Be Outraged

Spooky The Cat Injured With Crossbow

Spooky the Cat is a black feline you’ll likely hear a lot about in the next few days. That’s because the cat, belonging to Redditor Brandonjking, was senselessly shot with a crossbow, allegedly by a next door neighbor.

From the Redditor’s post:

“We went to our neighbors to ask him if he did it he said no. I made him show me his arrows and they were a match, he shot Spooky with his crossbow,” he wrote. “We Called [sic] the cops. The cops took the arrows and are presenting it to the DA.”

The Redditor said that Spooky was at the vet at the time of his post, and and that, if he makes it, “he will be able to come home tomorrow.”

“He has penrose drain and will have to have it in for a week. The arrow went through both shoulder blades just above his spine. The vets think he arched his back up like cats do when he heard the sound of the crossbow that’s why it went above his spine. Thanks for supporting Spooky he’s a tough little guy that doesn’t deserve this.”

The perpetrator, on the other hand, deserves a lot worse, according to the Reddit community.

“Can you get a friend to wear a ski mask and knee cap that f**k in a parking Lot?” said one. “Ill do it. $10,” said another.”

Other comments:

“S**t I’ll do it [kneecaps] for free.”

“Let’s hang the son of a b***h.”

“He has two kneecaps, so two can each destroy one now and the other can come back and annihilate the prosthetic.”

While the OP did not indicate he would take any of the advice presented in the 1,300 comments (and counting), he did confirm that he would be pressing charges.

Names were kept confidential so not to impede the investigation.

Here’s the full thread.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only sick case of animal cruelty we’ve heard about this year.

In September alone, The Inquisitr reported on a group of teens who filmed themselves placing a kitten in a microwave. Thankfully, the cat was not harmed, but sick much? (We think so.)

Also, that same month, a kitten was thrown from a car at a group of animal rights activists. Unfortunately, the cat in that case died from its injuries.

What punishments do you think are suitable for the person who did this to Spooky the Cat, and for anyone who would be cruel to an animal?

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