Katy Perry Roars In Music, But Secretly Wants To Be A Comedian

While Katy Perry roars on the music scene, the "Firework" singer secretly wants to be a comedian. It seems her SNL appearance brought something out that she's been unable to follow up on as much as she'd like.

Katy Perry says that while she has hosted SNL (Saturday Night Live, in case you didn't know) twice, she is simply too busy to try her hand at the career that made former stars Rodney Dangerfield and Phyllis Diller famous. Out of those who have tried their hand at the standup routine, very few have ever succeeded, and given Katy Perry's music success, she might find herself in unfamiliar territory and quickly overwhelmed.

Even Christopher Titus and Jeff Dunham, who both have a good handful of comedy specials out by now, still face difficulties due to the time they spend on the road. Katy Perry may be funny on SNL, but she would still have to compete in a mostly male dominated market with Amy Schumer, Ellen Degeneres, and Maria Bamford.

Who knows? Audiences may indeed roar if Katy Perry tries her hand at comedy, and she may be potentially the next breakout star.

Katy Perry told Jimmy Fallon, an SNL regular:

"I wish I could do some comedy sketches because I love being around comedians, I love the air, I love the kind of craziness … but I have to go all over the world and I'm only one person, I'm not, like, in a band or in a girl group, so I have to delegate my time very carefully. … I have a great team that really helps me and I couldn't do it without them, but I am definitely the captain of my ship and everybody reports to me."
Katy Perry says her idols include women who have been on SNL, such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, and Amy Sedaris. She loves the way they poke fun at themselves and make the audience enjoy every minute of it. The problem is that with her busy schedule, she just doesn't have the time to dedicate to it.

Katy Perry may roar in comedy from time to time, but she's already busy enough without adding much more.

[image via Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com]