Elk Chases Motorcycle On Freeway [Video]

Elk chases motocycle down freeway

An elk chased a motorcycle on the freeway in this curious video. It turns out you don’t need to involve an SUV or undercover police to get something interesting on a helmet cam while riding a motorcycle.

This particular video has been likened to the Tyrannosaurus Rex chase from Jurassic Park, except that instead of a dinosaur following a jeep, everything’s been scaled down. You probably still don’t want to face an angry elk, and neither did this amused couple.

Heather Leigh and her boyfriend Glenn were coming up on a stopped truck on the side of the road with the elk seemingly wondering what it was about. Then the elk turned its attention to the motorcycle and its two riders and walked up to them. Appearing curious at first, the elk walked close enough for its head to be right in their faces.

That’s when the motorcycle roared to life as the two began moving along. However, the elk wasn’t done trying to figure them out, and as the bike took off, the elk chased the motorcycle, even running after them.

The elk didn’t seem to mean any harm to them, but its curiosity made it a minor nuisance. The roar of the bike may have peaked its attention enough to make it chase them. The pursuit went on for several seconds as the elk sped up and actually matched the speed of the motorcycle.

The couple slowed down a little and the elk closed in. The motorcycle sped up again and eventually Heather told her boyfriend to lose it, at which point they increased speed and outran the elk, which finally vanished in the distance.

The animal was probably just curious and not really looking to fight or anything, but those horns can really mean business.

So there you go. Now can now officially say you’ve seen a good street chase this weekend, even if it was just an elk chasing a motorcycle.