Truckers Protest 2013: Trucker Strike Spreading Fake ‘Ride For The Constitution’ Photos?

The trucker protest in 2013 called Truckers Ride For The Constitution has apparently failed to draw in the crowds they were expecting. And some people are claiming fake photos are being spread around in order to make the turnout look bigger than it actually has become.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, false reports over the 2013 truckers strike were being spread by the media in the weeks prior to the weekend event.

These reports started because one man named Earl Conlon, who allegedly has a history of disrupting political events, tried to claim Truckers Ride For The Constitution planned on blocking traffic on the Washington beltway (which is illegal) and even would attempt to arrest members of Congress. Because of these claims, various official trucking organizations like Virginia Trucking Association disavowed any association with Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

The trucker protest was further stymied by reports of the entire event being a hoax or that it was canceled. None of this was true, but the Truckers Ride For The Constitution also reported it was having trouble communicating the truth and organizing the sign up of truckers faltered. They even tried inviting bikers but then the heavy rain made any chance of that effort succeeding unlikely.

Even supporters like radio host Pete Santilli tried to make sure the message of Earl Conlon was not considered the actual plan:


A day and a half into the event, even Earl Conlon didn’t see any sign of the trucker protest:

“I’ve been here for hours and I ain’t seen nothin’. I’m downtown where the rally is supposed to be but I haven’t seen anybody or heard anyone on the radio. If they (the truckers) are circling the loop (beltway) what good is that going to do? Sure taught D.C. a lesson, didn’t they?”

Although, considering his prior history with the organization, it’s possible the rally meeting point for the trucker protest was changed without Mr. Conlon being informed. Still, the trucker protest is reported as small in size, which is a far cry from the planned 3,000 truckers. As it is, they are lost among the crowds of ten to twelve thousand trucks that travel the beltway daily.

Then there are allegations of fake photos being used to promote the 2013 trucker protest. Apparently, Truckers Ride For The Constitution is not spreading any of these photos from their official blog. But they do claim ” Facebook just blocked us from posting on anything but our own FB page.”

In any case, Twitter and Facebook users are sending fake photos from a Make-A-Wish charity event last year. Other fake photos show dry concrete when the pavement is wet from the rain in reality. I’d suggest visiting their previously linked blog to see the real photos.

In related news, groups separate from Truckers Ride For The Constitution gathered on the Interstate 95 overpass on Cowan Boulevard to call for the impeachment of President Barack Obama and show support for the truckers protest. These protesters displayed signs saying “Impeach Obama Now,” “Thank You, Truckers” and “Honk = Impeach.” They claim they received many car honks in response.