‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is First Hit Of Fall Season For Fox [Photos]

Sleepy Hollow has become a hit in the new fall season and is bringing FOX its highest numbers since the espionage series 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland as agent Jack Bauer, made its entrance into viewers consciousness in 2001.

The series ranks higher for the network than Sutherland’s drama did among young adults, which is an accomplishment in it of itself.

The sci-fi/mystery drama is a revival of the movie of the same name which starred Johnny Depp as awkward physician Ichabod Crane.

This time around, casting executives were smart enough to choose a not-so-known British actor, Tom Mison to play the central role. He has fast become the reason why many are watching the series. Especially women.

Mison’s portrayal of the time traveler Crane is quite different from Depp’s character. A revolutionary war soldier, this version finds Ichabod in present time, smack in the initial stages of some strange happenings taking place in the otherwise quiet town.

Through flashbacks and Crane’s own recounting, later in the first episode, we find out the reason why he lands in Sleepy Hollow at this time.

Icahabod has “killed” one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who turns into the Headless Horseman, following orders from General Washington himself and is resurrected 200 years later in the mysterious town.

This prompts Headless to come back too life as well, because of their sharing of their blood in the deadly battle all those years ago.

What ensues is gruesome crimes, which in the opening episode include that of the Sheriff himself. Enter Nicole Beharie, who plays the very smart and strong headed Lt. Abbie Mills.

During the investigation of the murder, Mills comes across Crane and she realizes he can be very helpful in their investigation. However, it is apparent all is not as it should when it comes to the handsome Ichabod, starting with his period attire.

Sleepy Hollow has moments of humor, especially when Crane is surprised by modern technology or lingo and when he questions the possibility that an black woman can have any kind of position of authority.

According to Zap2It.com the series premiered with 25 million viewers throughout all platforms including DVR, VOD, and live stream, and it continues to do well for Fox in subsequent episodes, especially considering it goes against the second hour of the popular reality TV musical competition The Voice, in the 9pm slot.

In 2001, 24 recorded 8.6 million viewers, which of course did not include all the mediums offered today. Subsequent season saw an increase in viewership and it went on to become an award winning series for the network.

Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a second season to the delight of its many new followers. Tom Mison has certainly been a pleasant surprise and was described as, “tall, dark, and British” in the last episode by Abbie’s sister Jenny Mills. The chemistry with Nicole Beharie is working so far.

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[Images via Sleepy Hollow/Facebook/Fox]