‘Pokemon X and Y’ Live Action Trailer Hits On Release Day [Video]

The Pokemon X and Y live action trailer has arrived to help celebrate the release of Nintendo’s latest smash hit. Trainers, ready your Pokeballs, because the day is here to get on with the sixth generation of Pokemon.

What’s new this time around? Quite a bit, actually; new pocket monsters (as always), a new 3D rendered area to explore, mega evolutions, new and classic starters, and a new ability to treat the Pokemon of your choice like a pet. You are no longer limited to gazing at the adorable creatures, as you can now pet and feed them.

You’ll still have to wait to get your Shiny Legendary Pokemon into Pokemon X and Y though, as the Bank and Transporter won’t be available until December, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The Bank app for 3DS will allow you to store your pocket monsters on the Cloud servers for a month free, and then it will cost five dollars a month. The Transporter app will allow you to bring your Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White to Pokemon X and Y, but it will require the Bank to work.

The Pokemon X and Y trailer begins with a trainer as he beckons to Charmander to follow him. A voiceover states:

“It’s time for adventure, for meeting new friends. Time for teamwork. Time for battle, for true champions with unique powers. Time for epic adventures in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Explore a vast region filled with Pokemon to catch, train, and befriend. Select your team from hundreds of Pokemon. Test your trainer skills in exciting battles, and unleash amazing powers. It’s time for Pokemon X and Y, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS family.”

At first, the trainer throws a Pokeball at a distant pocket monster in the forest before we see him admiring his catch. Then he’s surrounded by his team of monsters and eventually faces off with another similar trainer. Soon the live actors are replaced with actual game footage as the various parts of the game are demonstrated.

What do you think of the Pokemon X and Y trailer for the game’s release? Are you ready to grab your copy and catch ’em all?