2009 NFL draft two years out: St. Louis Rams

I guess the best way to prove that the St. Louis Rams, and Detroit Lions for that matter, are on the right path is by saying the two teams that picked first and second in the 2009 NFL draft are picking 13h and 14th in the 2011 NFL draft. Not a great stride, but clearly these two teams are getting better.

Before we get to all of that let us look at the relevant draft picks by the Rams in 2009:

1.Round One (2)- Jason Smith OT
2.Round Two (35)- James Laurinaitis LB
3.Round Three (66)- Bradley Fletcher CB
4.Round Four (103)- Dorell Scott DT
5.Round Five (160)- Brooks Foster WR
6.Round Six (196)- Keith Null QB
7.Round Seven (217)- Chris Ogbonnaya RB

By all appearances this looks to be an excellent draft class for the St. Louis Rams. OT Jason Smith had his rookie year cut short by a concussion but bounced back to have a very fine sophomore campaign. LB James Laurinaitis had another excellent year in his second campaign and had racked up 98 solo tackles and three sacks. CB Brandy Fletcher had an great year as well by making 65 solo tackles and picking off four passes.

In the past I have been a little hard on the Rams for not getting enough in this draft class, but the first three picks are clear winners so far, and their front office staff should be commended on finding impact players at positions of need. As it stands right now Dorrell Scott may end up being a wasted pick but anything outside of top 100 picks is something of a crap shot.

Cleary this team has used its 2009 picks, along with their picks in the 2010 NFL draft to make vast improvements from where they were just two years ago.

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