LeAnn Rimes’ Affair: Ex-Husband ‘Never Saw It Coming’

LeAnn Rimes Divorce

LeAnn Rimes’ affair was shocking, especially for Dean Sheremet. The former dancer says he “never saw it coming.” He was under the impression that his marriage was healthy and strong.

Rimes met Eddie Cibrian while filming Northern Lights for Lifetime. Although both were married, the couple eventually fell in love.

In early October, Rimes learned that photographers captured a photo of her and her costar kissing — off the set. As reported by US Magazine, she knew it was time to confess.

On October 10, 2009, Sheremet learned the news through a phone call. Rimes wanted to let him know before the photos were published.. She told him that the news magazine “may or may not have a picture” of her kissing Cibrian.

Dean Sheremet was stunned by the confession:

“I never would have thought… I guess you have that assumption that the person that you’re with would never do something like that… I just never saw it coming.”

Although the divorce was difficult, Sheremet says it “was a learning experience.” The divorce gave the former dancer an opportunity to learn more about himself.

He says he spent so much time managing LeAnn Rimes’ career and their relationship, he had little time to explore his own interests. He says he played many roles in the marriage, including husband, father, and manager.

Sheremet eventually moved on, marrying photographer Sarah Silver in 2011. Rimes and Cibrian married the same year.

After four years, he says he has “no animosity” toward his former wife, and he wishes her well. As reported by People, the former husband and wife are civil. However, they rarely speak. He says there is simply no reason for them to talk anymore.

LeAnn Rimes was apologetic in the midst of the affair and divorce. She says the affair was not planned and she was sorry so many people were hurt.

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