Teacher Goes On F-Bomb Tirade Trying To Explain The Term ‘African-American’ [Listen]

woman screaming

A Los Angeles teacher has been placed on leave after she was recorded going on a profanity-laced tirade against the term “African-American.”

The incident took place on September 26 during a discussion on race and ethnicity at the Humanities and Art Academy in Harbor City. The teacher, who has remained anonymous, was trying to explain why the term “African-American” is not entirely accurate or appropriate.

“You’re an American first,” she told her students, adding that while her family hails from Italy, she doesn’t call herself an “Italian-American.”

To this, one student told her she was wrong and kept pressing her (while also recording the teacher’s reaction with her cell phone).

“I know my f*cking sh*t,” the teacher responds. “Don’t f*ck with that. I’m tired of trying to educate you, and you guys resist every step of the f*cking way. Get the f*ck out of here.”

Though the teacher later admitted to losing her cool, she’s still upset that the student not only recorded her, but later turned the recording over to a professional rival.

“I was trying to explain the difference between race and ethnicity, and this girl kept poking the bear,” the teacher said.

She also said that the student broke the rules by using her cell phone in class.

Though the teacher is on paid leave while the district investigates, many students actually sympathize with her.

“It is wrong to be cussing, at students especially, but a lot of kids here aggravate the teachers,” one student said, adding, “She’s a good teacher. Everybody makes mistakes and she’s only human.”

Another student said that the teacher immediately apologized.

“Everybody forgave her,” the student said. “That’s our favorite teacher.”

Not everybody’s favorite teacher.

“They’re not supposed to react like that no matter what the situation was,” said another student, who said that the teacher should be fired.

You can check out audio of the teacher dropping f-bombs over the term “African-American” below:

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